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5 Sports Medicine Tips to Keep You Playing Your Best

Playing sports is fun and a great way to stay in shape — until you get hurt. There are steps you can take to avoid injuries on and off the field. Keep reading to discover healthy tips to help you play your best and stay off the injured list.
Feb 16th, 2023

Do I Have a Herniated Disc or Spinal Stenosis?

Lots of conditions lead to back pain, including a herniated disc and spinal stenosis. These two different problems cause significant back pain, but which do you have? Keep reading to find out the difference between these two back issues.
Jan 13th, 2023

How Should I Prepare For Hip Replacement Surgery?

When you need a hip replacement, the thought of the procedure is often overwhelming. Getting ready for your surgery is the first step toward a successful outcome. Read on to discover tips on preparing for your hip replacement surgery.
Dec 9th, 2022

Stretches to Relieve Shoulder Pain at Home

Normal activities get extremely difficult when you have shoulder pain. Sometimes, you must do home care and stretches to get rid of your discomfort. Keep reading to find out what stretches are effective in relieving shoulder pain.
Nov 8th, 2022

Lifestyle Habits That Help (or Hurt) Your Sciatica

Pain caused by sciatica differs from other forms of back pain. Your lifestyle habits have a lot to do with flare-ups of sciatica. Read on to learn about some practices that help sciatic nerve pain — and some that make it worse.
Oct 1st, 2022

5 Encouraging Facts About Spine Surgery

Spine surgery isn’t something you’re likely looking forward to — but sometimes it’s needed. Spine procedures have come a long way, with encouraging results. Keep reading to learn five positive facts about spinal procedures.
Sep 1st, 2022

How to Get to the Root of Your Lower Back Pain

When you have low back pain, finding out the cause is the best way to manage your discomfort. Your symptoms are only one piece of the puzzle. Keep reading to learn how you can figure out what’s causing your low back pain.
Aug 3rd, 2022

5 Common Causes of Chronic Knee Pain

When your knees hurt all of the time, it makes doing things around the house and working impossible. If you’re not sure what’s causing the pain, it’s a good idea to seek help. Keep reading to learn about common causes of chronic knee problems.
Jul 6th, 2022

When Should You See a Specialist for Shoulder Pain?

When shoulder pain strikes, it makes every task in your life seem impossible. Not every cause of shoulder pain is serious, but do you know when to seek professional care? Keep reading to learn when to see a specialist for your shoulder pain.
May 5th, 2022

Will My Herniated Disc Heal on its Own?

If you’ve been diagnosed with a herniated disc, you’re likely wondering what the next step is. Will you need surgery or will it heal by itself? Keep reading to learn more about herniated discs and what to expect for recovery.
Apr 8th, 2022

Am I Too Young for a Hip Replacement?

If your hip joint aches, and it’s difficult for you to get around without pain or stiffness, you may benefit from hip replacement surgery. Even if you think you’re “too young,” replacing a damaged joint could save you years or even decades of pain.
Mar 14th, 2022