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Joint Replacement Specialist

Steven J Svabek, DO, PA

Orthopaedic Surgeon & Spine Surgeon located in Coral Springs, FL

If you’re on a steady diet of painkillers and still experience pain in your knee, hip, or shoulder, you might need a joint replacement. Joint damage can keep you awake at night, and any rest you do get doesn’t relieve your pain. Steven J. Svabek, DO, PA, in Coral Springs, Florida, offers joint replacement surgery to relieve your pain and restore your function. Call the orthopaedic surgeon’s office today, or use the convenient online booking tool to schedule an appointment.

Joint Replacement Q & A

What is joint replacement?

A joint replacement involves removing the damaged part of a joint, including bone and cartilage, and replacing it with hardware, known as a prosthesis. This allows pain-free movement of the limb. Prosthetics are made of ceramic, metal, plastic, or a combination of these materials.

Most joint replacements treat arthritis damage to the hips and knees.

Who can get a joint replacement?

If problems with your joint restrict your ability to complete day-to-day activities and affect your overall quality of life, Dr. Svabek could recommend a joint replacement.

Dr. Svabek decides on joint replacement surgery based on several things. Moderate to severe pain, limited movement or function of the joint, and overall stiffness can indicate the need for joint replacement surgery.

X-rays and other imaging procedures can reveal a misaligned joint or the level of deterioration of the joint’s bone and cartilage. Moderate to severe joint damage usually indicates the need to replace the joint.

How are robotics used in joint replacement surgeries?

Robotics are used both before the surgery and during some orthopaedic surgeries. Before a joint replacement surgery, a CT scan helps Dr. Svabek plan the amount of bone to remove and where the implant will be placed.

Robotics improve stability and mobility during orthopedic surgeries when the doctor places the artificial joint’s components. Robotic assistance also ensures the best possible alignment. A robotic arm provides tactile and visual feedback to the surgeon as he places the components during surgery.

What’s the difference between customized and traditional joint replacement?

Dr. Svabek matches your original knee or hip size to the replacement model using measuring devices during a traditional joint replacement. Then he makes adjustments to improve the fit during surgery.

A 3D model is created using MRIs or CT scans and a computer algorithm for a customized fit. A computer fine-tunes the plan before surgery. A surgical-grade nylon joint is formed with predetermined pinholes and blocks to ensure that the surgeon places the joint correctly.

Custom joint replacement technology allows Dr. Svabek to make the most of pre-surgery planning so that you spend less time in surgery.

If you experience joint pain or lack mobility, ask Dr. Svabek about joint replacement surgery. Call the practice today or schedule an appointment online.